AI won't fix a broken curtain rod, but it will help you find the best professional for your needs.

I need someone to mount a mirror on the hallway wall

Here are the 3 best pros in your area!


In short

DoneAI is designed to find the optimal professionals for household needs. It will suggest the best possible professionals that match your specific needs.

Feel free to describe the kind of help you need, and you'll get the top three candidates for the job.

DoneAI can tailor its suggestions completely based on the criteria you set. Thanks to these suggestions, you don't have to search for a professional yourself or rely on sales pitches.

"I need a skilled person to mount a mirror on the hallway wall. The wall is concrete."



Using DoneAI is free. You can request suggestions and decide on using the service without any commitments. If you get a suggestion for a professional who sells their service through the Done app, you can choose them directly and easily pay for the work via the app.



Done is a Finnish startup. We aim to develop AI tools responsibly and build sustainable business practices. We value data security and privacy. We want to enable our users to access excellent services and new technologies.



DoneAI is built on 256-d vectorization, GPT-4 input analysis, and verified data. The technical process results in suggestions of the best professionals based on data, preferences, and excellently performed tasks. Data-driven suggestions are objective and create an unprecedented opportunity to find the best professionals.